Frequently Asked Questions

Artist FAQ

  • Q. How do I sign up and submit artwork?
  • A. You can sign up to list your arthere.
  • Q. What is ArtStartArt’s commission structure?
  • A. We believe that creating a community around our sales is key to success. To accomplish this, a portion of all sales are split between the artists, curators, and universities, with the majority of commission going to artists. The artist receives a 60% commission on artwork sold.
  • Q. How should I photograph my work when submitting art for a sale?
  • A. We suggest using a photography method that best represents the work. We understand that not everyone will have access to a digital SLR and has the time to white balance and edit their photos. A smartphone snap will work just fine in this stage, but remember that these images are the only thing our curators will have to make a decision. If you do not have access to professional lighting, we encourage you to find a place that is well lit with even natural daylight, but not direct sunlight (like a shaded porch with an overhang, a garage with the garage door open, or a room with a large window). Get as close to the image as possible without cropping off the edge. Don’t worry- if your art is chosen, we will professionally photograph it, so it will be looking it’s best when it goes up for sale.
  • Q. How is artwork curated for a sale?
  • A. There is a set period of time when artists can submit artwork. After the submission window has ended, our curators will look through all submitted artwork and decide what they think is the best work to be included in the sale. Following the curation period, artists are notified via email whether their artwork was selected or not.
  • Q. Where is the work professionally photographed?
  • A. We work to find a space that is close to campus and convenient for artists to have their work professionally photographed. Artists are notified via email of photography dates and location once their work has been selected.
  • Q. What if I can’t make any of the photography dates?
  • A. Please contact us as soon as possible via email at Works cannot be put up for sale until professionally photographed.
  • Q. How should I price my art?
  • A. Our curators will provide advice on what they believe is a good starting price for the work given the size, medium, theme, and target audience of the artwork. We encourage you to us the curator’s guidance; however, our artists have final say within predefined price thresholds.
  • Q. Am I responsible for shipping fees?
  • A. No, the shipping fees are covered by the buyer
  • Q. How does shipping work?
  • A. After the artwork is purchased, an artist has one week to package and ship the work. We will email a shipping label for the piece after the work is sold. Artists are responsible for printing the label, affixing it to the packaged artwork, and bringing it to a UPS store for dropoff.
  • Q. How should I package my work to ship?
  • A. We will provide packaging materials and instructions for proper packaging during the photography session.
  • Q. How is the shipping price calculated?
  • A. At the time of photography, we provide a scale to capture the weight of the artwork. That information, combined with the medium and size, helps us estimate the cost of shipping and insurance.
  • Q. What happens if I am selected for a sale and decide I do not want to sell my work?
  • A. Once a piece is submitted for consideration, we expect the art to be kept available for a sale should it be selected.
  • Q. When is the next sale for my university?
  • A. Registered artists should continue to check their email for new sales announced for their university. Unregistered artists should check our registration page to see if their university is active. We are constantly looking to add new universities, so let us know if you think we should look into yours!
  • Q. Is there a limit to the number of artworks I can submit?
  • A. We’ll send you an email with submission limits for each sale, but generally we limit artists to submitting between 6-10 artworks per sale.
  • Q. Are there limitations on the medium type for submissions?
  • A.You may submit almost any type of artwork you are producing while in art school. Currently we are unable to play video on the platform, so film and performance pieces are not recommended for submissions.
  • Q. How many images should I submit of each artwork?
  • A. We recommend 1-2 good quality photos of the entire piece and 1-2 detail images only if you feel they are necessary. You should submit a maximum of 4 images per work.
  • Q. What size image files should I upload during submission?
  • A. We recommend keeping your file sizes no larger than 1 MB and having the longest dimension of your photo be 1500 pixels at 72 ppi.
  • Q. What image file types should I upload during submissions?
  • A. We recommend uploading .jpegs of all work. You may however upload the following types of files when submitting: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp
  • Q. For an artwork with borders, what should I put for the size of the artwork?
  • A. If your artwork is a print or photograph with borders please enter the entire canvas size during submissions. The image size should be noted in the description. For example, if you have a photograph printed on a 20” x 24” piece of paper with an image size of 18” x 22” you would label the size as 20” x 24” and note in the description that the image size is 18” x 22”.
  • Q. What should I list as the depth of my artwork?
  • A. If you are unsure, we recommend the following:
    - Works on Paper (photographs, drawings, prints, etc.) - 0.1”
    - Paintings - Please estimate the canvas depth - usually between .75” - 2”
    - Sculpture - Please estimate the depth of the piece
  • Q. What should I list as the weight of my artwork?
  • A. We will weigh your piece during the photography session, but during submission if you are unsure of the weight of your artwork, we recommend the following:
    - Works on Paper (photographs, drawings, prints, etc.) - .5 lbs
    - Paintings - 1 lbs - 5 lbs
    - Sculpture - 1 lbs - 50 lbs
  • Q. Can I have artwork for sale elsewhere when I submit work on ArtStartArt?
  • A. No. You may not have pieces that you submit for consideration for sale anywhere else during the submission and curation period. Please read the Artist’s Terms and Conditions for full details.


    - If an artwork is selected for sale then it must not be for sale elsewhere until the sale on is complete.
    - If an artwork is not selected for a sale, then you are welcome to sell it on another platform.

    You may display your artwork elsewhere during a sale (e.g. a student show or gallery space) as long as it is not available for sale elsewhere.
  • Q. Can my work be purchased on after the sale is over?
  • A. No. Once a sale is complete the artwork will be removed from and not available for purchase.
  • Q. What if my work gets damaged during the sale process?
  • A. If you artwork is damaged or modified in any way after after you submit it for consideration, please contact ArtStartArt immediately
  • Q. Does my work need to be framed?
  • A. No. All work will be sold unframed on the platform, but of course we encourage our buyers to frame works on paper and will provide them with information on how to best frame and hang a piece of artwork. If your work is already framed, we will need you to remove it from the frame before photographing the piece.
  • Q. Can I change my display name on the product page?
  • Your display name will be the name that you register with. If you need to change this for some reason, please contact us

Customer FAQ

  • Q. How long does each sale last?
  • Our sales last for a limited period of time. The exclusive work listed is only available for three weeks.
  • Q. What is the return policy?
  • A. We do accept returns if you are not satisfied with your artwork. We strive to ensure all works are accurately represented online so that purchasers are fully satisfied. Once received, we provide 7 days to inspect the artwork. If for some reason a return must be made, it must be done within 7 days following delivery. Before returning a piece of artwork you must first contact us via email. All return requests should be sent tohelp@artstartart.comwith the subject line "Return Art" followed by the order number (i.e. Return Art: 54363). If the artwork is damaged please also attach a snapshot of the damage in the email.

    You must retain all of the original packaging and materials that arrived with the art. Once we are contacted we will then email you a shipping label to affix to the box and ship from any UPS location. Items must be shipped via UPS within 3 days of receiving the prepaid label.

    If you do not notify us of your intent to return the artwork within 7 days of receipt or you do not ship the work within 3 days of receiving the prepaid label, you will NOT be eligible for a refund. (Some exceptions may apply.)
  • Q. Does the artwork come framed?
  • Our artwork does not come framed and you can expect the art to come in the same condition as photographed on the product page. We absolutely encourage buyers to frame works on paper after they have purchased them. Please contact us athelp@artstartart.comif you have questions on how to best frame your purchase.
  • Q. Am I able to add multiple artworks to a shopping cart?
  • A. Since the artwork is only available for sale for a limited period, we do not allow customers to put artwork in shopping carts. If you see a piece you like, we recommend you snag it immediately!

Curator FAQ

  • Q. How do I become a curator?
  • If you are interested in becoming a curator please send us an email with resume attached

University FAQ

  • Q. How can I get my university involved?
  • We are growing and looking to work with new universities. Please contact us athelp@artstartart.comto begin the process.
  • Q. How does ArtStartArt help support universities?
  • Not only is ArtStartArt directly helping student artists sell their own artwork, but portion of every sale is donated back to that student’s fine arts program.

If we didn’t answer your question here, please send us an email