Art students are making amazing art and we want to help them share it with the world.

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Why ArtStartArt?

We curate and sell the best artwork coming out of the top universities across the country.

For Buyers

  • Discover new artists - There is an opportunity to be the first to find great artwork right from its start.
  • Support art schools - Support local, support your alma mater, or just support art institutions in general. It's where most artists get their start after all.
  • Buy original artwork at an affordable price - Here is your opportunity to buy original art you like at an affordable price.
Art displayed in home above a sofa

For Students

  • Discover your audience - Get an idea of who likes your art and how to market yourself.
  • Make extra money - That cash can help pay for school or supplies to make more art.
  • Sell art and feel empowered - Experience all the good feelings that come with having someone like and connect with your artwork.

Our service is designed to be simple and fulfilling for both the artists and the buyers.

How Does ArtStartArt Work?

  1. Art Schools Select Talented Art Students

  2. Art Students
    Make Great Art

  3. Art Students Submit
    to ArtStartArt

  4. Curators Select
    the Best Work

  5. Art is Purchased
    from ArtStartArt

  6. Art is Hung with Pride in its New Home

A portion is invested back into the student's
school in the form of a scholarship

Art students are directly supported

Trust is the Key


It's fundamentally important that students feel comfortable and excited to use our platform. We're proud to work with extremely talented artists and we make decisions with them in mind.


Our curators come from a variety backgrounds, but they share a deep knowledge and passion for the art world and the current art market. They select the best artwork so that people can feel confident what they're purchasing is exceptional.


Artists sell work, buyers get great art, and curators make a percentage of each sale. Plus, a percentage of every sale goes back to the university in the form of a scholarship. This ensures the creative continue to create!


Highlighting the artwork is important in every step of the process. From professional photography to careful packaging to displaying it on walls, we want the artwork to be presented at its best.

Our Story

When our founder Erik Culver graduated from art school, he realized he had created a huge amount of artwork. Most of it was under his bed or at his parent's house and he didn't know what to do with it.

As the years passed, he noticed most of his friends didn't have any art on their walls and a lightbulb went off. Years later, Erik met Alok Marwaha (a DJ turned business consultant) and ArtStartArt went from a vision to a reality.

Both Erik and Alok are passionate about helping art students reach their potential market and believe in the transformative experience of living with great art.

Meet the team

Erik Culver

Erik • Co-Founder

Erik went to art school at the University of Texas and since graduating with a BFA in 2008, he has worked in marketing, advertising, and consulting and completed his MBA from the University of Texas in 2015. He thoroughly believes in the value of making art and still wishes he could spend all his time in the darkroom and painting studio.

Alok Marwaha

Alok • Co-Founder

Alok studied engineering at Georgia Tech, then completed his MBA from the University of Texas in 2015. He is interested in the intersection of art and technology, and relishes the opportunity to use the right side of his brain. At ArtStartArt, he is excited about the social enterprise aspect and hopes that it will be successful in strengthening art communities across the US.

Alok Marwaha

Elizabeth Chiles • Curator

Elizabeth Chiles has worked as a gallerist and associate director at Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston, Fraenkel in San Francisco and Lora Reynolds in Austin, taught theory and photography at UT Austin, Texas State and Southwestern University, and has exhibited her own artwork widely. She graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Art History and from San Francisco Art Institute with her MFA in Photography.