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There is a ton of creative talent being cultivated at universities nationwide. ArtStartArt is the service to discover and support this talent professionally.

Art schools are overflowing with amazing artists. We help you discover them first. was the leading fine art marketplace for university art-school students. In our 2+ years of operation we supported thousands of artists and customers with a simple and fulfilling experience. Now we're a newsletter delivering the same magic. Below is just a taste of what we've created...

A service that supports thousands of artists

ASA fulfills a truly unique need for students pursuing a professional degree in fine art; it helps them get exposure for their work and generate income using their talent. Beyond driving sales of art, we help students develop the network and entrepreneurial skills essential to forge a path post-graduation.

A customer experience that is truly exciting

Our customers love the service we've created and the unprecedented digital access we provide. From discovering raw talent that few outside of academic studios can see, to providing a direct and clear way to support a student artist, we have been delighting first-time and seasoned collectors alike with fresh selections of art every month.

A turnkey platform that is enjoyable and easy

Traditional art marketplaces are not built with the first-time/student artist in mind; at ArtStartArt
our platform is designed specifically for students and provides a comprehensive tool set that teaches artists how to transact online. This makes ASA a seamless experience for busy artists and a trusted and transparent one for buyers across the country.

An impact that is tangible and long lasting

We're confident that if you meet an artist who has used ASA they will have great things to say. That goes for our customers too. Why? Because at ASA we have created a community of support and discovery and we care deeply about our artists and collectors. It's our passion to get great, original art into the world.

Don't just take our word for it...

There's been a lot of good things said about ArtStartArt over the past couple of years and here's a little taste:

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