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Great art,
from the start.

We make it easier than ever to purchase original artwork from the best student artists at top universities across the country.

Good for the artist.

ArtStartArt bridges the gap between art school and professional practice by giving student artists the tools they need to confidently sell their work. It’s free to use, full of resources at every stage, and easy to navigate. Made by an art student, for art students—what are you waiting for?

Good for the buyer.

When you buy artwork with ArtStartArt, you’re directly supporting a student artist and their fine arts program. Our curators select the best work for each sale, which we bring to market for a limited time. Become an exhilarating part of a young artist’s story—this is just the beginning!

Want a sneak peek of the next sale?

Sign up here to get a 24-hour preview of the next sale. With our one-of-a-kind pieces and limited sales, if you see something you like, you’ll want to snag it quick!